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Psychoanalytic and psychodynamic therapies recognize that what takes place in the deeper levels of the mind strongly influences our more conscious thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. In order to see substantial change from treatment, one must explore and significantly resolve more in depth issues to grow beyond his or her current difficulties. In doing so, this individual will not be destined to repeat [re-enact] circumstances and behaviors that have compromised his or her ability to enjoy life. This psychoanalytic treatment, focusing on further understanding of oneself, aims to improve a person’s overall level of functioning while respecting his or her individuality. The treatment environment allows for a person’s unique personality characteristics, which potentially maximizes creativity and personal growth. The work is done within the context of a specialized therapeutic relationship that when successful, lessens one’s problems while enhancing his or her self-esteem and improving the quality of interpersonal relationships. These improved capacities to love, work, and play not only impact on the individual, but also upon those with whom he or she has contact. As a person gains a deeper understanding of oneself, his or her self-defeating patterns diminish, while more creative higher functioning abilities are developed.