Treatment Services | Mental Health | Clarks Summit, PA
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Our specialties include:

Psychotherapy, Counseling, and Psychoanalysis for;

  •    Depression

  •    Anxiety

  •    Interpersonal Problems

  •    Family and Marital Conflict

  •    Eating Disorders

  •    Substance Abuse

  •    Gender Identity and Sexual Issues

Hypnosis (for smoking cessation).

We have the ability to help you in a compassionate environment with the utmost confidentiality.

Therapy sessions by appointment only.

Make the right healthcare decisions for your mental

health needs.

Treatments personalized to you

Treatment options include individual, interpersonal, psychodynamic, and psychoanalytic therapy focusing on personal growth and the treatment of a person’s underlying issues and problems. This focus goes well beyond just treating symptoms, which are simply the tell tale signs/manifestations of the underlying problems. The individualized nature of this specific type of treatment is applicable to a wide range of problems involving various symptoms such as: depression, anxiety, panic, fears, worries, unwanted repetitive thoughts and behaviors, guilt, addictions, difficulty with intimacy and interpersonal relationships, sexual dysfunction, and identity confusion, as well as a lack of achievement or pleasure in work related or recreational/fun activities.

Professional assistance

Client focus:

Adults, Adolescents, and Children of various nationalities and walks of life.